my name is Nicole McConnell and I am Pixie Girl, a professional freelance editor, and writer. I have two college degrees from two different colleges. One from NICC (Northeast Iowa Community College) and the second from UCCS (University of Colorado Springs Colorado) in Organizational and Strategic Communication with a minor in Creative Writing for Fiction. I am eager to start working on my Masters Degree in the Science of Publishing on the East Coast.

I have over six years of experience with web designing blogs, social media, critical responses, marketing campaigns, managing blogs, and literary magazines. I have served on the nonfiction committee for riverrun Literary Journal, in which I edited and selected materials for publication. I have freelanced edit for two novelists (one is C.R. Beaumont), and several freelanced edit and write for peers being published in journals, magazines, and websites. Also as a writer and conscious dreamer,  I am an executive editor of borrowed solace literary journal. I can change the world with words. Watch this journal rise.

I am so much more than an executive editor and a writer though. I was born in the cornstalks, where the Midwestern wind blows, and the limestone grows. With over 14 yrs writing, over 5 yrs of experience in freelance editing , and 23 yrs of reading anything in sight.

I am an adventurer of the roads that are less traveled because I want to be the one to conquer them. I am the sailor in the sea fishing for stories who will make me a better being. I write and read and research writing to help others rise with me, and that is what I want to do with this blog. Give advice to others to help improve their own writing, explore different books across the publishing universe, and stay within current trends among the editors and writers who made their career from wielding words. 

I write mainly fantasy, young adult, short fiction stories, and lyric poetry. Which I am excited about working on a poetry book called “I am the heart of the storm.”

I also have a “How To Write” blog at hubpages and you reach the blog here:

Link: https://hubpages.com/@nicolemcconnell

The aspiring Literary Journal of Borrowed Solace which I encourage all writers to submit to can find the website here at this link:

Link: http://www.borrowedsolace.com

I grew up with a hard working ethic in Iowa, and participated in the Iowa Writing Program. I provide anything from editing, proofreading, writing, to technical writing proposals, white papers, as well as blogs, and social media forums. I have helped many clients when it comes to helping them improve their writing, editing to the highest standards, and helping them on their way to getting published.

So, let me help you. I would love to edit, proofread, or write for you.